together, apart

Together, Apart. A chapbook of stories, winner of the 2012 Origami Zoo Press chapbook contest. March 2014.










Nice people saying nice things:

“Ben Hoffman’s stories are fantastic, funny, feverish, and in love with language. The conclusions they reach are genuine ideas and they float into the reader’s mind so beautifully, so full of a certain kind of intelligent life.”
—Rebecca Lee, author of Bobcat

“A fine combination of smart, funny, and moving, and of long and short work—I thought it had a lot of variety while still feeling cohesive as a chapbook. And it’s the one that I found myself continuously coming back to.”
—Matt Bell, author of In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods

“The characters are constantly grappling with the difference between their desires and the realities they are presented with. It is in this impossible, transitional space that Hoffman’s stories flourish…Each one is a complete, lived-in world.”
Masters Review

“For those of us who have delighted in Ben Hoffman’s stories as they’ve appeared in various literary journals over the last few years, Together, Apart, winner of the 2012 Origami Zoo Press Chapbook Contest, provides another chance for readers to wish we’d written these stories.”
Necessary Fiction

“Neither heroes nor villains, his characters live in that purgatorial and immeasurably more believable space between good and bad, ecstatic and despondent…Together, Apart might very well break your heart.”
Heavy Feather Review